A tropical escape…MN style.

I love MN. I do….really. But sometimes, come January, after a month or two of snow, and freezing rain and not being able to just wear one pair of shoes for the day, a girl needs an escape. Unfortunently I’m in that delightful post-college tax bracket that doesn’t allow for a real tropical escape. So what’s a snow-trapped, financially embarrassed, self proclaimed MN girl to do? Head to Como of course! Mom came up for weekend and we promptly headed to Como for some Orchid madness! Here are just a few of my favorites. More can be viewed here.

Mi Madre. a constant inspiration.

State Parks Project {Still working on a better name}

dead but pretty.

Winter walking trail on Pike Island.

broken textures.

There were lots, and lots of deer out on Saturday.

They were just too cute not to photograph.

Not a spectacular photo, but the pink bokeh makes my heart smile.

All photos were taken at Fort Snelling State Park in St. Paul, MN.