Happy Birthday Liv! A Golden Book Pajama Party

It seems like it was only yesterday I was driving to HCMC to document the first day of Miss Liv’s life.  Being able to walk beside her family has been an incredible blessing this year.  Not only was it great seeing Liv grow but being able to witness this season in the life of her family was incredible. Liv has two awesome parents who love her and her big-brother Reese with an awesome joy and understanding of the blessings they are.

Tonight I was able to spend the evening celebrating Liv, enjoying the beautiful August night, and hanging out with a bunch of adorable toddlers and their parents.

Thank you Heidi and Jonathan for letting me journey with you this year, for all the ways you’ve continued to model not only Christian parenting but living each day as a blessing from God.

Happy Birthday Liv!

Alyssa & Taylor | Wedding

It didn’t matter that Alyssa & Taylor’s wedding day was overcast and rainy because their smiles and the personalities of their wedding party surely made up for it.  Alyssa and Taylor were married Saturday afternoon in a small Lutheran church located in Mountain Lake, MN.  They celebrated with family and friends, and danced the night away at Comfrey Community Center.  From the few times I’ve met them it is safe to say their wedding was much like them, fun, unpretentious and full of laughter.   Here’s to an amazing life together!


(The banner and cross were not intentional, but I do love the symbolism).



And for all you fans of the movie Bridesmaids you’ll appreciate this next photo, requested by the bridesmaids themselves. Nice work ladies.




MN State Parks Seasons Project-Better, catchier name coming soon.

I have fallen in love with the Minnesota State Parks. Really I don’t know how someone couldn’t fall in love with the MN state parks. They’re beautiful.  Living in the cities has given me a new appreciation for nature. There’s nothing more peaceful than getting up before the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning and driving 100 miles to catch the sunrising over the St. Croix River (or at least attempt to, that particular trip was delayed due to snow…in October). Or walking along the path at Fort Snelling, just a couple miles down river from both downtowns and sharing your morning with a family of deer.

One of my favorite parts of growing up and living in the Midwest are the seasons. I just can’t imagine a life without fall leaves, snowmen, spring buds, or glistening lakes in the summer. Each season has its own personality, its own gifts it gives us.  My goal over the next year is to spend some quality time in the MN state parks and capture as much of these seasons as I can and then combine it all into a book of some sort. So stay tuned for updates as the year progresses.

Here are a couple of my fall favorites from this year.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf’s a flower.” – Albert Camus

Sunrise on the Mississippi-Fort Snelling State Park

Along the Mississippi River at Fort Snelling State Park

Mother nature was playing catch with herself. Fort Snelling State Park

A morning walk. Fort Snelling State Park.

Beautiful decay. Fort Snelling State Park.

Mississippi River at Fort Snelling State Park

Fall hits St. Croix State Park

As does Winter. St. Croix State Park

St. Croix River at St. Croix State Park

…did I say a few favorites? Ok so a few times a couple. I started this little project late this fall so fall will end up being a combination of 2009 and 2010.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Megan

Tara and Nick e.session l 7.2.09

Tara and Nick were able to make a quick trip into the cities to visit friends and we were able to connect for some photos.  The photos came out great and they were a lot of fun to work with. Not to mention the great job that Nick did considering he’s still wearing a neck brace from the accident a couple months back.

tara and nick hands