Baby Liv {Day One}

Saturday I had the incredible honor to be able to photograph Liv and her amazing parents.  Liv was born Saturday morning just before 7am and her parents were still glowing and running on pure joy when I got there around 4:30pm.  They had contacted me a few weeks ago about the possibility of doing some photos in the hospital after she was born.  Having never done first day photos before I was thrilled for the opportunity, albeit slightly nervous.  Heidi was confidant it would go great and we planned details (as much as you can around a baby’s arrival).

Whatever I had expected this shoot to be, it was far better. From getting to pray with them as their pastor and his wife were leaving, to being able to hold sweet little liv, to being able to witness the loving looks exchanged between Heidi and Jonathan, the whole visit was incredible.   I am so humbled and thankful that they trusted me to be part of this day and capture Liv’s first day on film.  God is good.

One thought on “Baby Liv {Day One}

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