A *Flurry* of excitement!

That’s right *Flurry* as in…S-N-O-W. Boy, living in MN never gets old, not with the constant surprises in weather. The weather gurus are calling for snow tonight. I’m hoping for a light dusting that will look great in photos or nothing at all, thank you very much.  But back to the excitement part of the flurry…. tomorrow I will be shooting Melissa’s senior portraits at Como {one of my all time favorite places in the cities}.  The goal is to shoot in the outdoor Japanese Garden as well as indoor in the conservatory, hopefully we can still get some outdoor shoots in despite the colder temperatures.  I’ll post a sneak peak image later tomorrow so be sure to check back for that, but in the mean time, here’s a photo that I took last summer at the garden on my little point and shoot:

Other exciting things happening soon…maternity shoot next weekend, wedding in June, oh and my future step-sister gave birth to two adorable twin boys this week! May is indeed off to an exciting start!


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