Welcome to MegHuff Photography.

Hi, and welcome to MegHuff Photography.

meI’ve only started to dip my feet into the world of professional photography over the past year.  Professionally I have done weddings and engagement photos and am available for portrait sessions as well.  Personally I have a love of capturing images of the cities I adore, the small things that most people overlook, the beauty of the creation God has given us, and the people in my life.  For information about pricing and availability contact me at meghuff@gmail.com.

Why I do what I do:

“The act of taking photos for photojournalistic purposes, (that is photographing other peoples’ lives) should start and come from the same place deep down, in the middle of our heart where we feel the emotion of our own lives.  It’s the place that makes us feel excited when we are in love, the place that hurts so bad when we grieve, the place that is the center of all the butterflies we feel when we are anxious, the place that makes us feel awe when we see something beautiful, the place that feels like we are going to explode when we are angry and the place that makes us feel so good when we are just plain happy for no reason at all.  A good photographer knows this place well.” –Nancy Ford on Photojournalism from the Soul